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Does your basement laundry room feel like a dungeon? The average person spends six hours a week doing laundry. That’s the equivalent of 13 days straight of nothing but laundry! No wonder there is a trend towards upgrading laundry spaces.

While upstairs laundry has become the typical, many individuals still need to trudge right down to the basement to do the job. But you could make laundry more pleasurable (or at a minimum less dreary) if you create the space respecting both form and performance.

Let’s first address the function part of the equation. What activities do you need to accomplish in this particular space? In what order are these tasks completed? Listed here is a list to obtain the human brain started:

• Transporting laundry

• Sorting laundry

• Pre-treating laundry

• Folding and hanging laundry

• Ironing laundry (yes, some individuals still do this!)

• Hand washing (and air drying) delicates

• Sewing and craft activities

• Gift-wrapping station

• Storing laundry supplies

Since you now know what has to be accomplished within this space, consider form. All things considered, the laundry room is actually a space where one can really get creative! While lively décor may not necessarily make laundry fun to accomplish, it will have the time seem to pass faster. And you’ll be blown away at how little it costs!

Tidy up! Before you get started, develop a clean canvas. Clutter – if you’ve got it, you need to purge it. Next, clean it as though your Mom is originating for any visit and can sleep within the basement. In case your basement is still in their original form, consider painting the walls and floor having a light, neutral color. Keep items off of the floor as far as possible.

Chutes and Ladders! Attempt to add Trash Chute Hardware to assist with laundry transportation (albeit one of the ways!). This is especially helpful if there are those (plus they know who they are) who don’t obtain their “dirties” where they belong frequently.

Define the laundry space. Can be your laundry area floating in the midst of the space, or tucked in to a corner? Set some boundaries. Add colorful FLOR interlocking carpet tiles to define your laundry space. You could make it simply the size and style you need, as well as in whatever colors you would like. Not just is a good design element, but it’s softer on your feet.

An area for everything, and everything its place. Produce a movable cabinet with built in storage with the addition of casters to the base of a vanity cabinet. Utilize this movable space divider to aid define your space in an otherwise expansive room. Check irregulars or discontinued items in your local DIY store to acquire a great deal.

Sort it out. Buy three large laundry baskets for sorting your laundry in light, medium or dark. Make decorative signs to indicate which can be which. Or simply write to them having a sharpie – whatever gets the job done!

Know when you should fold ’em! Pick-up a discontinued kitchen island with a great price and use it as a folding table. It will not only become a much more comfortable height for your back, you’ll also score additional storage underneath! And why not put in a couple bar stools for doing crafts or simply chilling out? Mini-fridge optional.

Chill. Hang a pole over or near the “folding island” to hang items as you fold, or obtain a rolling garment rack. In the event you hang shirts while they’re still slightly damp, you’ll have a easier time ironing them. Use hanging dividers to separate clothes by owner to maintain items organized.

Bright Ideas. Don’t skimp on lighting. Use a mixture of ceiling and task lighting to successfully can easily see what you are actually doing. In case you have windows in the basement, clean them up and dress them up with light curtains eecefw let the sun light in.

Ensure it is fun! Give a whimsical element such as a colorful sign that says “Drop Your Dirties Here” having an arrow pointing right down to the laundry sorting area. Find clever cabinet knobs having a laundry theme. Put in a tip jar for loose change based in the wash. Use colorful containers to hold supplies. You can find many inexpensive plastic bins at dollar stores. Make use of your imagination! But avoid small chatchke items which collect dust (and spiders).

Think Green. Add an inside tree to add life for the space. Perhaps a nice, durable rubber tree or faux ficus.

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